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  • End-of-life care: Should I stop treatment that prolongs my life? —A patient decision aid                                                                                                                                 Top_50_cd

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    Track Title File
    1 Why am I so tired?   Track2.mp3 1.19 Mb
    2 How much time do I have?   Track3.mp3 7.29 Mb
    3 Can I get married?   Track4.mp3 1015.23 Kb
    4 What should we tell the rest of the family?   Track5.mp3 2.80 Mb
    5 May I die at home?   Track6.mp3 2.92 Mb
    6 What is dying like?   Track7.mp3 4.25 Mb
    7 Will I die suddenly?   Track8.mp3 2.13 Mb
    8 How soon will I die if I stop dialysis?   Track9.mp3 1.58 Mb
    9 How did my weak father get out of his bed?   Track10.mp3 1.02 Mb
    10 Can she hear us?   Track11.mp3 1.09 Mb
    11 Do you have to tell him that he’s dying, because I’d rather you didn’t?   Track12.mp3 2.21 Mb
    12 What is autonomy?   Track13.mp3 808.27 Kb
    13 Do we have to follow the advance directive to the letter?   Track14.mp3 1.39 Mb
    14 What is capacity or decisional ability?   Track15.mp3 1.05 Mb
    15 When and how do you activate the Power of Attorney for Health Care?   Track16.mp3 3.40 Mb
    16 Should I be resuscitated if my heart stops or my breathing stops?   Track17.mp3 9.00 Mb
    17 Can I refuse futile care for myself or my loved one?   Track18.mp3 5.25 Mb
    18 My father doesn’t remember that you talked to him yesterday about Mother’s dying. Why is that?   Track19.mp3 2.21 Mb
    19 Is artificial nutrition something I should consider?   Track20.mp3 2.80 Mb
    20 My mother swallows once in a while. Why can’t I feed her?   Track21.mp3 1.50 Mb
    21 If Mother doesn’t eat or drink, why can’t you feed her through a vein?   Track22.mp3 2.42 Mb
    22 Are intravenous fluids appropriate?   Track23.mp3 2.25 Mb
    23 How about feeding tubes – are they appropriate?   Track24.mp3 1.86 Mb
    24 Does she feel pain?   Track25.mp3 1.27 Mb
    25 Why does Agrace HospiceCare prescribe morphine?   Track26.mp3 4.64 Mb
    26 Why don’t you just give pain medicine by injection?   Track27.mp3 960.18 Kb
    27 Isn’t that a lot of morphine?   Track28.mp3 2.16 Mb
    28 Is one opiate better than another?   Track29.mp3 1.09 Mb
    29 Is methadone safe?   Track30.mp3 2.44 Mb
    30 How do you know you are not killing her?   Track31.mp3 1.31 Mb
    31 What is palliative sedation?   Track32.mp3 1.91 Mb
    32 Should more tests be done?   Track33.mp3 1.44 Mb
    33 Should another treatment be pursued?   Track34.mp3 2.68 Mb
    34 Should we have more transfusions?   Track35.mp3 1.76 Mb
    35 Why don’t you treat the gangrene?   Track36.mp3 1.28 Mb
    36 Shouldn’t the pneumonia be treated?   Track37.mp3 2.19 Mb
    37 Should antibiotics be used for infections like pneumonia?   Track38.mp3 1.30 Mb
    38 Can you remove the excess fluid in my mom’s abdomen?   Track39.mp3 1.59 Mb
    39 You said Dad had trouble breathing because of the fluid in his lungs. Can you remove the fluid?   Track40.mp3 1.23 Mb
    40 Should the blood thinner he’s on be stopped?   Track41.mp3 2.50 Mb
    41 Why are you stopping cortisone?   Track42.mp3 1.97 Mb
    42 How do you know it is dementia?   Track43.mp3 1.96 Mb
    43 Do demented patients have feelings?   Track44.mp3 913.28 Kb
    44 Do demented patients have pain?   Track45.mp3 1010.13 Kb
    45 Do demented patients know they are dying?   Track46.mp3 759.33 Kb
    46 Can you help me die faster?   Track47.mp3 2.07 Mb
    47 Isn’t that suicide?   Track48.mp3 1.89 Mb
    48 Isn’t that euthanasia?   Track49.mp3 1.81 Mb
    49 How do you know when someone is close to death?   Track50.mp3 3.05 Mb
    50 Our father is dying. Why doesn’t my brother come to visit him?   Track51.mp3 1.14 Mb
    51 Conclusion   Track52.mp3 2.64 Mb