Hospices across the country are often known for delivering quality care when a patient and family need it most. However, not all hospices are the same. Hear what some of the people we have supported say about the expert care provided by Agrace.

“Agrace HospiceCare is not a place you go to die. I’m finally able to flourish spiritually, artistically and mentally. I’ve never been more alive.” —Steve Severson, Agrace HospiceCare patient”

“Dad loved being home to attend to his garden and feed the birds. There is no place like home. Agrace HospiceCare became part of our family the moment they entered our life. Their compassionate and realistic care gave us the tools and means to be together during this emotional journey. To be part of this spiritual journey with my father was a gift, and I thank Agrace HospiceCare for the guidance.” — Kevin Murray

“Your care for both Mom & Dad was outstanding! Looking back now it seems to have gone so very fast. But during the course of the last six or seven months there were countless times we felt overwhelmed. Making decisions for Mom was always difficult. We doubted ourselves and were grieving for all the little losses along the way. The guidance your team offered was such a relief. Knowing we had all of your expertise at hand was most comforting. Ann & Cathy, you both provided excellent guidance and care. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Kate and Steve, there will never be an adequate way to thank you for your support. Your efforts and skills made a huge difference in our coping abilities. We see this time with Mom as her gift to us. We were able to be with her, share memories and feel the love of our family together. What an experience!”
—Loveday Herrling & Family

“My Mother received outstanding care at Hospice!  She was admitted to the Don & Marilyn Anderson Center.  What began as a terrifying journey, turned into a peaceful, family bonding experience.  My Mother got her pain under control there and was able to relax and pass peacefully.  Thanks to the staff there (especially Lisa Fargo) my Mother was comfortable and Lisa helped our family understand the process of death.  In the end, we all were there and were at peace. You all have my utmost appreciation and respect.  What you all do is absolutely amazing.  Thank you for helping my Mother and my family.  God bless you!” —Andrea Burkeland

“My family wants to thank the entire Agrace HospiceCare Team that provided such excellent care to my parents and especially to acknowledge Neil Halverson and Kristen Keir.

I came to know Neil Halverson very well as he cared for my Dad and was amazed to see their friendship grow into real love for each other. Mac thought of Neil as another one of his kids, really. To have the ability to make a man of my Dad’s age and nature, comfortable with another man bathing him and attending to his most intimate needs was something that we NEVER thought could happen. But Neil gracefully built trust and carefully attended to Dad with respect, humor and an honest, comfortable demeanor. We came to love him for all that he is and all that he brought into Dad’s life. It’s hard to find the right, positive, words to describe how our family feels about Neil, though gratitude and love would have to be included in the list.

We also want to thank Kristen Keir for her careful and thoughtful attention to Dad’s every need. She went above and beyond so many times that we kind of lost count. Her attention to details, calls in the evenings to check-in, birthday cards, and other acts of kindness are so gratefully appreciated. We are also extremely thankful for how Kristen would update us on Dad’s condition, carefully prepare us for what was to come, help us understand the changes that were happening to Dad, answer all of our questions and calm our fears. It was all done very thoughtfully.

Thanks also, to Hospice, for caring for my Mom. We were amazed at your facility and how comfortable you made her last few days. Our family will always be grateful for Agrace HospiceCare. Please accept our gratitude.”—Clint McCullough

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