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Agrace is committed to being your best partner and working with you to provide the highest quality palliative care and hospice services for your patients and their families. Below you will find resources to make your job easier when recommending palliative  care consultations or end-of-life care. As always, Agrace is happy to assist you in any conversations you may have with your patients and their families about any of our services, including end-of-life matters.Contact us to request our assistance, refer a patient or to ask for additional resources that you may find helpful.

Power of attorney for healthcare
Addendum to the power of attorney for healthcare

The Hospice Medicare/Medicaid Benefit

Agrace Clinical Update

pdfSpring 2014 Identifying Late-stage Dementia
pdfFall 2013 Helping Patients Through Late-stage Cardiac Illness
pdfSummer 2013 Follow-up Visits Added to Consult Service
pdfSpring 2013 Palliative Care Consults Offered
pdfWinter 2013 Concurrent Therapy for Hospice Patients
 Fall 2012 Residential Hospice Care, Assessing Incapacity
 Summer 2012 Aggressive Comfort Management Relieves Suffering
 Spring 2012 Reducing Hospitalizations for Chronic Conditions
pdf Winter 2012 Palliative Care for Cancer Patients on Hospice
pdf Nov 2011 Emergency Comfort Medications

Partners on the Journey Newsletter for LTC Staff  

pdfLTC Winter 2014 Reducing Falls, Honoring Acute Care Preferences

pdfLTC Fall 2013 Recognizing Types of Pain

pdfLTC Summer 2013 Diagnosis Reporting Changes Don’t Affect Hospice Eligibility
pdfLTC Spring 2013 Relieving Respiratory Rattle, New Consult Service
pdfLTC Winter 2013 Wound Care, Vigil Volunteers, Grief Support
pdfLTC Fall 2012 Answers to Common Hospice Questions
 LTC Summer 2012 Treating Delirium and Terminal Restlessness
LTC Spring 2012 Assessing Pain in Dementia Patients
LTC Winter 2012 What’s Most Important to LTCs?
LTC Autumn 2011 Emergency Comfort Medications


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Track Title File
1 Defining advanced dementia  mp3 10.48 Mb
2 Communication  mp3 1.00 Mb
3 What kinds of communication can a patient with advanced dementia still understand?  mp3 3.29 Mb
4 How will my mother, who has dementia, express herself when she is dying?  mp3 2.62 Mb
5 Is it possible to experience reconciliation and closure with my father who has dementia and is dying?  mp3 2.82 Mb
6 Pain and the Difficult Behaviors Caused by Pain  mp3 1.64 Mb
7 How can we treat challenging behaviors exhibited by patients with dementia?  mp3 3.86 Mb
8 The patient seems more restless than before. What’s wrong?  mp3 930.61 Kb
9 What if the patient’s restlessness does not have a physical cause?  mp3 4.28 Mb
10 How do patients with advanced dementia communicate pain?  mp3 1.63 Mb
11 How is pain treated in patients with advanced dementia?  mp3 1.51 Mb
12 Can medications be used to control aggressive behavior?  mp3 2.46 Mb
13 Infections and Antibiotics  mp3 1.93 Mb
14 Should antibiotics be used for infections such as urinary tract infections?  mp3 2.30 Mb
15 Should my mother’s pneumonia be treated?  mp3 2.71 Mb
16 Medications  mp3 1.45 Mb
17 Are there medications that can treat dementia?  mp3 7.41 Mb
18 Should we stop the medications or should she continue taking them?  mp3 2.73 Mb
19 Nutrition, Swallowing and Artificial Nutrition  mp3 1.22 Mb
20 How does advanced dementia affect the patient’s nutritional status?  mp3 1.40 Mb
21 What options do caregivers have if their loved one shows signs of losing their appetite?  mp3 3.23 Mb
22 What if the patient is having difficulty chewing or swallowing?  mp3 2.65 Mb
23 My mom often chokes on her food. Is this normal?  mp3 940.80 Kb
24 What are some other ideas to help make mealtime less stressful?  mp3 3.04 Mb
25 Does a feeding tube improve quality of life? How might it affect the course of the disease?  mp3 6.48 Mb
26 Skin Care  mp3 1.04 Mb
27 My mother’s skin seems so fragile. What’s happening?  mp3 1.16 Mb
28 What can be done to prevent pressure sores or other injuries to the skin?  mp3 1.62 Mb
29 Advance Directives  mp3 1.87 Mb
30 What if my sister’s dementia has progressed and she does not have an advance directive, such as a Living Will or a Power of Attorney for Health Care?  mp3 2.72 Mb
31 What is activation of the Power of Attorney for Health Care, and when does activation take place?  mp3 1.53 Mb
32 In my mother’s Power of Attorney for Health Care, she has appointed me her primary decision-maker. What are my responsibilities?  mp3 2.07 Mb
33 How do I ensure my brother’s wish not to be resuscitated is honored?  mp3 2.16 Mb
34 If my wife has DNR status, does that mean her care will be limited?  mp3 2.47 Mb
35 Hospitalizations and Emergency Room Visits  mp3 959.16 Kb
36 How may an emergency room visit or hospitalization affect a patient with advanced dementia?  mp3 2.10 Mb
37 What resources are available in the hospital setting to help address my husband’s dementia care needs?  mp3 2.05 Mb
38 My grandfather need to leave the hospital now, and I cannot provide his care at home. What options are available to me?  mp3 2.61 Mb
39 If my grandfather has another episode, do I have to take him to the hospital?  mp3 1.15 Mb
40 Hospice Eligibility and Services  mp3 1.62 Mb
41 What is hospice care?  mp3 2.84 Mb
42 Can you be more specific about the kind of support that is provided by Agrace HospiceCare?  mp3 7.01 Mb
43 How do I know when someone with dementia is eligible for hospice?  mp3 4.39 Mb
44 Can the patient be eligible for hospice even if she is in early stages of dementia?  mp3 6.00 Mb
45 Are there grief services available for the caregivers of dementia patients in facilities?  mp3 1.34 Mb
46 When a patient with Alzheimer’s or dementia loses their “personality,” what can we do for the family?  mp3 2.79 Mb
47 Do advanced dementia patients have spiritual needs?  mp3 3.17 Mb
48 How can we meet the spiritual needs of a patient with advanced dementia?  mp3 3.85 Mb
49 Conclusion  mp3 2.00 Mb



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Track Title File
1 Why am I so tired?  mp3 1.19 Mb
2 How much time do I have?  mp3 7.29 Mb
3 Can I get married?  mp3 1015.23 Kb
4 What should we tell the rest of the family?  mp3 2.80 Mb
5 May I die at home?  mp3 2.92 Mb
6 What is dying like?  mp3 4.25 Mb
7 Will I die suddenly?  mp3 2.13 Mb
8 How soon will I die if I stop dialysis?  mp3 1.58 Mb
9 How did my weak father get out of his bed?  mp3 1.02 Mb
10 Can she hear us?  mp3 1.09 Mb
11 Do you have to tell him that he’s dying, because I’d rather you didn’t?  mp3 2.21 Mb
12 What is autonomy?  mp3 808.27 Kb
13 Do we have to follow the advance directive to the letter?  mp3 1.39 Mb
14 What is capacity or decisional ability?  mp3 1.05 Mb
15 When and how do you activate the Power of Attorney for Health Care?  mp3 3.40 Mb
16 Should I be resuscitated if my heart stops or my breathing stops?  mp3 9.00 Mb
17 Can I refuse futile care for myself or my loved one?  mp3 5.25 Mb
18 My father doesn’t remember that you talked to him yesterday about Mother’s dying. Why is that?  mp3 2.21 Mb
19 Is artificial nutrition something I should consider?  mp3 2.80 Mb
20 My mother swallows once in a while. Why can’t I feed her?  mp3 1.50 Mb
21 If Mother doesn’t eat or drink, why can’t you feed her through a vein?  mp3 2.42 Mb
22 Are intravenous fluids appropriate?  mp3 2.25 Mb
23 How about feeding tubes – are they appropriate?  mp3 1.86 Mb
24 Does she feel pain?  mp3 1.27 Mb
25 Why does Agrace HospiceCare prescribe morphine?  mp3 4.64 Mb
26 Why don’t you just give pain medicine by injection?  mp3 960.18 Kb
27 Isn’t that a lot of morphine?  mp3 2.16 Mb
28 Is one opiate better than another?  mp3 1.09 Mb
29 Is methadone safe?  mp3 2.44 Mb
30 How do you know you are not killing her?  mp3 1.31 Mb
31 What is palliative sedation?  mp3 1.91 Mb
32 Should more tests be done?  mp3 1.44 Mb
33 Should another treatment be pursued?  mp3 2.68 Mb
34 Should we have more transfusions?  mp3 1.76 Mb
35 Why don’t you treat the gangrene?  mp3 1.28 Mb
36 Shouldn’t the pneumonia be treated?  mp3 2.19 Mb
37 Should antibiotics be used for infections like pneumonia?  mp3 1.30 Mb
38 Can you remove the excess fluid in my mom’s abdomen?  mp3 1.59 Mb
39 You said Dad had trouble breathing because of the fluid in his lungs. Can you remove the fluid?  mp3 1.23 Mb
40 Should the blood thinner he’s on be stopped?  mp3 2.50 Mb
41 Why are you stopping cortisone?  mp3 1.97 Mb
42 How do you know it is dementia?  mp3 1.96 Mb
43 Do demented patients have feelings?  mp3 913.28 Kb
44 Do demented patients have pain?  mp3 1010.13 Kb
45 Do demented patients know they are dying?  mp3 759.33 Kb
46 Can you help me die faster?  mp3 2.07 Mb
47 Isn’t that suicide?  mp3 1.89 Mb
48 Isn’t that euthanasia?  mp3 1.81 Mb
49 How do you know when someone is close to death?  mp3 3.05 Mb
50 Our father is dying. Why doesn’t my brother come to visit him?  mp3 1.14 Mb
51 Conclusion  mp3 2.64 Mb



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Track Title File
1 Gaining the Confidence of the Patient and the Family mp3 2.63 Mb
2 Gaining a Family’s Confidence mp3 2.49 Mb
3 Helping Families Make Tough Decisions mp3 3.71 Mb
4 Addressing Spiritual Matters With the Patient mp3 1.82 Mb
5 Military Service mp3 2.56 Mb
6 Addressing Code Status mp3 4.66 Mb
7 Addressing the Question of “What Dying Is Like?” mp3 2.25 Mb
8 Why We Use Morphine mp3 2.41 Mb
9 Nutrition and Hydration of Dying Patients mp3 5.14 Mb
10 Anticipating the Need for a Mechanical Ventilator in Respiratory Crisis mp3 3.26 Mb
11 Total Sedation mp3 3.16 Mb
12 How Does One Know a Patient is Dying mp3 4.58 Mb
13 Prognostication mp3 4.10 Mb
14 Suicide and Agrace HospiceCare. mp3 3.81 Mb
15 Humor in Hospice Care mp3 3.10 Mb