What Is Palliative Care ?

Palliative (pal-lee-uh-tiv) care is supportive physical and emotional care that addresses your discomfort, symptoms and stress to help you feel better and cope better. This specialized care can be provided at any time during a serious or chronic illness and is available while you are also receiving curative treatment. While your doctor works to manage the progression of your illness, adding palliative care to your medical treatment may help ease your troubling symptoms and address your worries.

How do I access this care? The first step is to have a palliative care consultation with Agrace. It’s a personalized assessment that explores your physical and emotional condition. Your doctor can make a referral to Agrace for you, or you can call Agrace directly at (800) 930-2770 to request a visit.

What’s included in the consultation? An Agrace Palliative Care nurse practitioner or physician will visit you* to have an open discussion about your condition. We’ll conduct a physical exam, taking time to fully understand your symptoms, and how medications and other treatments are working. We will ask about your goals for care and learn what’s interfering with your ability to meet those goals.

What happens afterward? Based on what we learn at the assessment visit, Agrace will recommend ways to improve your physical comfort and relieve your stress. We’ll share our ideas with you and your health care provider; then you and your doctor can use Agrace’s findings to consider changes that may help you meet your goals.

If necessary, Agrace can provide up to two follow-up visits to help you make any changes that you and your doctor agree upon.

More comfort, less stress—it’s possible when you connect with Agrace Palliative Care.