Care Navigation

We’ll empower you to manage your serious or chronic health conditions wherever you live. When you select Agrace Care Navigation, you’re choosing support and guidance over confusion and worry. The support of your assigned Agrace nurse can help you:

  • Confidently manage your illness where you live.
  • Know what to expect as your disease progresses.
  • Address health issues before they become problems.
  • Reduce the likelihood of emergency room visits and hospitalizations.
  • Reduce expenses associated with your illness.
  • Successfully navigate a complex health-care system.
  • Find peace of mind–and save your family caregivers from worry, too.

Just knowing that they have phone support from a nurse 24 hours a day/7 days a week puts many patients at ease. More importantly, when you call your assigned nurse at Agrace Care Navigation, you get guidance when you need it. Well-timed care navigation services greatly improve quality of life. We work closely with patients to provide the following services:

  • An initial in-home medical screening with you and your family caregiver(s) to review medications, identify potential warning signs to proactively manage your illness and develop a personalized care navigation plan.
  • An in-home safety screening to identify risks for falls, which can lead to hospitalizations, rehabilitation stays or nursing home stays.
  • Ongoing guidance on whether pain or other symptoms require a trip to a physician.
  • Assistance with medication management that can head off problems.
  • Coordination of health-care appointments.
  • Personalized education on the progression of your illness and what to expect.
  • Regular updates to caregivers and/or family members, if requested.
  • Identification of community resources in your area that can address your unique needs.
John-van-Dyke Agrace Care Navigation RN John Van Dyke describes how many are confidently living more active, full lives with the help of Agrace Care Navigation in a radio interview on WCLO radio.Download an mp3 of the interview to hear more about the program from John and people who benefit from Care Navigation.
      You can live a fuller and more confident life with Agrace Care Navigation if you have any chronic or serious health condition, including:
  • congestive heart failure
  • lung disease
  • cancer
  • dementia
  • other neurological illnesses like stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease
  • other chronic or serious illnesses

If you wish to remain independent and active as long as possible, let the experts at Agrace Care Navigation provide the guidance you need to make it happen.

The Value of Care Navigation For people struggling to manage their illness, Agrace Care Navigation is an affordable solution. With a subscription fee of just $150/month, Agrace pays for itself by improving overall health, reducing costs related to emergency room visits and hospitalizations, providing you and your caregivers relief from worry, and giving you and your family more time to enjoy together.
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