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Construction has begun on a new Agrace Center for Hospice & Palliative Care. The 21,000-square-foot facility, planned to open this summer at 2901 N. Wright Road in Janesville, will feature 12 inpatient suites and offer hospice and palliative care services to patients throughout southern Wisconsin.

Sharing the Journey, Building the Memory is the name given to this capital campaign to build the new inpatient facility.

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When a member of our community is in their final months of life, Agrace is there to share the end-of-life journey—with specialized, compassionate care and support. This journey is never easy, but when the patient is free from pain, with their emotional and spiritual issues addressed, families are able to build memories that can last a lifetime.

Agrace strives to ensure a high-quality experience for all residents of our community who turn to us for help facing a serious or life-limiting illness.

To deliver exceptional care in and around Rock County, Agrace must have facilities that enable us to provide a range of nonprofit services locally—coordinating care for our patients and their families, training volunteers, and hosting grief support services and educational events.

The mission of Agrace’s Sharing the Journey, Building the Memory Capital Campaign is to build a facility that will accommodate all of Agrace’s existing services and add a new capability— providing short-term, acute medical care for our hospice patients.

For more than 35 years, Agrace has brought comfort and dignity to patients and their families, and demand for our nonprofit services has grown steadily. Agrace has outgrown our existing Rock County office space and has been exploring options for a new location that would allow us to serve more people in this area—and serve them better.

In late 2012, Agrace reevaluated our services in the Rock County area. After examining extensive demographic and trend data, we have concluded that there is an immediate need for inpatient hospice beds here.

Agrace is addressing this need by building a 12-bed free-standing inpatient hospice facility and service center in Janesville, from which we will serve residents of Rock County and the surrounding region. Several factors drove our decision, including these:

  • A growing need and demand for hospice services. Agrace has served 2,500 patients in the Rock County area alone over the last five years.
  • The large number of aging baby boomers and a shortage in family caregivers—both of which create a greater need for professional home hospice care.
  • The need for access to inpatient care to meet patients’ short-term, acute medical needs when pain and symptoms cannot be managed at home.
  • The lack of any other inpatient hospice facility within 35 miles of Janesville.


Agrace has begun a $6.5 million capital campaign to fund construction of a 21,000-square-foot inpatient hospice and service center, to be located at the corner of North Wright Road and Sandhill Drive in Janesville.

The design will offer handicapped-accessible space that is comfortable for patients, families, hospice staff and community visitors, including:

  • 12 inpatient hospice beds
  • Kitchen service available for patients
  • Family space for visitors
  • Staff space for coordinating care of home hospice patients and other administrative activities
  • Training and certification space for staff and volunteers
  • Community rooms for grief support groups and educational presentations


  • Campaign goal: $6.5 million covers the entire project: construction and furnishing of the building and start-up and contingency costs.
  • Progress to date: Nearly $4.3 million pledged to date.
  • Groundbreaking held in September 2013. Construction is underway and expected to take 10 months.
  • Project team: Agrace leaders, J.P. Cullen & Sons, Kahler Slater Architects, and Mike Huffman Facility Development.


Building an Agrace inpatient facility in Rock County will require community-wide support. Your tax-deductible gift is needed to create this essential, nonprofit resource for people who are facing a life-limiting illness or grieving the loss of a loved one.

Donations of any size are appreciated and can be made in several ways: cash or credit card, pledges, matching gifts or via appreciated securities. Pledging a gift over a three- or five-year period may enable you to consider a higher giving level.


All donors of $2,500 or more will be recognized in the Agrace inpatient facility. Many commemorative recognition and naming opportunities are available in the building and on its grounds. Please call Agrace’s Jayme Roth for details at (608) 314-2923.


Pledge forms can be mailed to:

3001 W. Memorial Drive
Janesville, WI 53548



“How the individual patient is cared for is paramount, but how the family is taken care of at the end of life is really meaningful, too.”
Casey FitzRandolph, brother of Agrace patient Jessi FitzRandolph

This is Casey FitzRandolph’s Agrace experience—as a big brother whose only sister was served by Agrace in early 2014. We have been honored to share the family’s journey through illness, loss and healthy survivorship.

Casey Jessi FitzRandolphCasey & his sister, Jessi
Photograph courtesy of C & N Photography.

“Jessi was my little sis—my only sis. When she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in her early 30s, Jessi became not just solid and strong, but the rock of the family. She dealt with her battle for four years in a way that was inspiring. It is that part of her journey I will hold for the rest of my life.

“My mom is a registered nurse at Agrace, and she and Dad did a darn good job of taking care of Jessi at home. But there were some things they just couldn’t do for her. When they needed and wanted help, they turned to Agrace. From Jessi’s perspective, Agrace brought her one word: comfort.

“How the individual patient is cared for is paramount, but how the family is taken care of at the end of life is really meaningful, too. I was amazed at the simple steps Agrace took to make our family comfortable, like telling Jessi what a great smile she had, and giving a gift of teddy bears to my kids. At five and seven years old, Jessi’s illness was certainly a new experience for them.

“For the FitzRandolph family, grief support was one of the most important, impactful services we were offered. Conversations with Timothy, the Agrace hospice counselor, were huge for us, as parents who were grieving ourselves. We were able to ask him, ‘How do we talk to the kids about Aunt Jessers passing?’ Being able to bounce our approach off him was very comforting.

“After Jessi passed, Mom and Dad and I went in and chatted with Timothy. We were all feeling our grief differently, 
but he helped me realize that there’s no one right way to deal with the passing of a loved one. We all need our time—whatever our time is.”

For more than 35 years, Agrace has helped families like the FitzRandolphs 
through life’s most difficult journey.

And you can help, too. By making a tax-deductible gift to Agrace, you’ll help fund essential programs, including grief support for patients and families that continues for a year after the death, and Care for All, which ensures that quality hospice and palliative care are available to all who need Agrace’s services, regardless of their ability to pay.


Your Opportunity to Own the FitzRandolphs’ Inspiring New Book

The FitzRandolph family’s journey through Olympic gold, illness, loss and healthy survivorship will be available January 3, 2015, as a book: “No Stone Unturned.”

The first 100 donors who support Agrace’s Light Up a Life campaign at the $250 level or more will receive a free, signed copy of the FitzRandolphs’ inspiring story. The offer is available whether you send your gift by mail or donate online.



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For more information about planned giving options, please contact Donor Services at (608) 327-7139.

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Naming Agrace HospiceCare as the beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement account is an easy way to support our mission and take advantage of tax benefits at the same time.

Gifts of life insurance allow donors to make sizeable gifts to the Agrace HospiceCare Foundation at a relatively low cost. No other kind of gift can magnify the donor’s original contribution as much as a gift of life insurance. The annual premiums are deductible, if you itemize.
There are several ways to give life insurance:
• You can name Agrace as the primary, secondary, remainder or residual beneficiary of an existing policy.
• You can establish a new policy and name Agrace as the irrevocable beneficiary.
• You can donate a policy you no longer need.
• You can use life insurance to replace the value of gifts to Agrace.

Significant tax advantages usually accrue to donors making outright gifts of appreciated real estate. Benefits to the donor include a full fair-market value charitable deduction, up to 30 percent of adjusted gross income, with a five-year carry-over provision and no capital gains tax on the property appreciation. Gifts of real estate will be credited at their appraised value at the time the gift is made. Agrace reserves the right to either accept or reject any offer of real estate.

Life estate gifts are gifts of a residence, farm, or vacation home. The donor will receive a charitable tax contribution at the time of the gift, and the donor retains a life estate in the property (continues to use the property for life). After the lifetime of the donor, Agrace accepts ownership of the property.

Agrace relies on the generosity of our community. Although Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurers cover palliative care consultations and basic hospice services, not all patients qualify, and a number of essential Agrace programs are underfundedor not funded at all by these sources. Community gifts help ensure that Agrace can provide the full range of needed services and meet emerging community needs.


Your generosity helps fund the programs described below:

Care for All
Each year, dozens of our neighbors who cannot afford hospice or palliative care services receive them at no cost through Agrace’s Care for All program. Those we serve include some of our most vulnerable community members—children and young adults with no insurance, seniors without caregivers, homeless people, individuals lacking safe housing and those with special needs.

Volunteer Training & Appreciation
Agrace’s 1,000+ volunteers serve in a variety of roles, including direct service to patients and families. Community support funds the comprehensive training needed to prepare volunteers for their roles and also funds the recognition programs that sustain their commitment to serve. In a typical year, more than 70,000 hours are volunteered, saving over $1.5 million dollars.

Respite Care
Providing end-of-life care for a family member or friend can leave caregivers fatigued and stressed. To give them a break of up to five days, Agrace offers respite care for hospice patients. Community gifts supplement insurance reimbursements, which cover less than 25 percent of the total cost of respite care.

Clinical Education & Training Programs
It takes a special commitment to work with patients who are seriously ill or dying. Community donations allow Agrace to fund staff educational opportunities and professional development programs, which increase staff competence and retention.

Grief & Bereavement Services
Every year, more than 8,000 people, including 300 children, get support from Agrace’s grief services to help them cope with the death of a loved one. Although grief support is required by state and federal regulations, it is not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. Community donations enable us to offer specialized grief support that is open to everyone, free of charge.

Wish Program
The Wish Program helps our hospice patients achieve their end-of-life goals. A wish can be something a patient could not attain during his/her life, something he/she cannot afford or simply a final desire. Agrace has granted more than 50 patient wishes since 2010.

Palliative Medicine Fellowship
Agrace is committed to developing top-notch palliative care providers in our community. Community gifts support the Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship, a partnership with the UW and Veterans hospitals; this program offers palliative-care rotations and continuing education opportunities for physicians in training.