What Your Gift Supports

Agrace relies on the generosity of our community. Although Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurers cover palliative care consultations and basic hospice services, not all patients qualify, and a number of essential Agrace programs are underfundedor not funded at all by these sources. Community gifts help ensure that Agrace can provide the full range of needed services and meet emerging community needs.

Your generosity helps fund the programs described below:

Care for All
Each year, dozens of our neighbors who cannot afford hospice or palliative care services receive them at no cost through Agrace’s Care for All program. Those we serve include some of our most vulnerable community members—children and young adults with no insurance, seniors without caregivers, homeless people, individuals lacking safe housing and those with special needs.

Volunteer Training & Appreciation
Agrace’s 1,000+ volunteers serve in a variety of roles, including direct service to patients and families. Community support funds the comprehensive training needed to prepare volunteers for their roles and also funds the recognition programs that sustain their commitment to serve. In a typical year, more than 70,000 hours are volunteered, saving over $1.5 million dollars.

Respite Care
Providing end-of-life care for a family member or friend can leave caregivers fatigued and stressed. To give them a break of up to five days, Agrace offers respite care for hospice patients. Community gifts supplement insurance reimbursements, which cover less than 25 percent of the total cost of respite care.

Clinical Education & Training Programs
It takes a special commitment to work with patients who are seriously ill or dying. Community donations allow Agrace to fund staff educational opportunities and professional development programs, which increase staff competence and retention.

Grief & Bereavement Services
Every year, more than 8,000 people, including 300 children, get support from Agrace’s grief services to help them cope with the death of a loved one. Although grief support is required by state and federal regulations, it is not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. Community donations enable us to offer specialized grief support that is open to everyone, free of charge.

Wish Program
The Wish Program helps our hospice patients achieve their end-of-life goals. A wish can be something a patient could not attain during his/her life, something he/she cannot afford or simply a final desire. Agrace has granted more than 50 patient wishes since 2010.

Palliative Medicine Fellowship
Agrace is committed to developing top-notch palliative care providers in our community. Community gifts support the Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship, a partnership with the UW and Veterans hospitals; this program offers palliative-care rotations and continuing education opportunities for physicians in training.