Handmade Shawls Bring Immeasurable Comfort


If you can knit or crochet a simple pattern, you can bring warmth and comfort to Agrace HospiceCare patients receiving end-of-life care.

The Agrace HospiceCare Comfort Shawl Circle receives shawls that have been knit or crocheted and donated by members of the community. Supporters of the Comfort Shawl Circle then dedicate each one and distribute them to Agrace HospiceCare patients. These soft, colorful shawls give comfort to our patients year-round.

As of April 2014, close to 1,600 comfort shawls have been donated to Agrace since the program began in 2005.

Would you like to help meet this need?
Comfort shawls can be made by anyone in the community who is willing to knit or crochet with mindful intention of offering comfort. The pattern is simple—but the result is remarkable.

Directions: To view and print the directions for knitting or crocheting a comfort shawl, click on the PDF document below.