Inpatient Care

KristosMadison: The Don & Marilyn Anderson HospiceCare Center at Agrace
Janesville: The Jack & Carol Pregont Inpatient Suites at the Agrace Center for Hospice & Palliative Care

Most Agrace HospiceCare patients receive care in their homes, or in residential or skilled nursing facilities, and never utilize Agrace’s two inpatient units (IPUs). However, when our patients have urgent or complex symptoms that cannot be managed at home, they can receive short-term, acute care at our IPUs in Madison and Janesville rather than being hospitalized.

Inpatient hospice care addresses urgent medical issues of hospice patients, and also includes emotional and spiritual support for both patients and their family members.

Inpatient stays typically last just a few days, while Agrace’s hospice and palliative medicine-certified doctors and nurses work to bring the patient’s symptoms under control. The goal of inpatient care is to successfully manage pain and other symptoms so patients can resume hospice care at home–where most people prefer to spend the end of their life.

patient-roomAgrace’s inpatient units have been built through generous community donations. They combine state-of-the-art technology with beautiful, homelike settings designed for the comfort of both patients and their family members. Both locations offer private, fully furnished rooms, with these features:

  • Comfortable bed with hospital-bed functions

Sleeper sofa for family to stay overnight in the patient’s room, if desired

  • Recliner, dining table and guest seating
  • Handicap-accessible personal bathroom
  • Television
  • Fresh linens stocked daily
  • Phone
  • Individual temperature controls and ceiling fan
  • Private patio
  • Access to spa bath
  • Access to family lounge

Respite Care
Caring for someone at the end of life is hard work on many levels. Sometimes it is very hard to structure time away as a caregiver, yet all caregivers can benefit from taking an occasional break. Agrace’s respite care offers this opportunity. For up to five nights, Agrace HospiceCare patients can come to our Madison campus (or one of our contracted facilities) and receive care where Agrace staff are available around the clock.

Whether caregivers need time to catch up on sleep or errands, to travel out of the area, or to simply take a few days to refresh themselves, a respite can be a re-energizing experience. Medicare and many insurance providers recognize this, too, which is why respite care is covered by those sources.

Residential Care
Most Agrace patients receive hospice services at home. “Home” may mean a house, condo, apartment or assisted living facility. Another option for Agrace patients isresidential hospice care–receiving hospice services while living at the beautiful, homelike Ellen & Peter Johnson HospiceCare Residence, located on the Agrace campus in Madison.