Comments and Concerns

At Agrace we strive to provide consistently excellent care and support. When that doesn’t occur, we encourage you to let us know, so we can take action to address your concerns as quickly as possible.

Our staff in Patient & Family Relations is available to help resolve concerns about the care you or your loved one is receiving–or has received–from Agrace. To submit a complaint or concern, please call (608) 276-4660 and ask to speak to the Manager of Patient & Family Relations or click here to submit your concerns by email (please select “Patient and family relations” as the message recipient). You may also call or email us to share any positive experiences you have had with Agrace. We look forward to your feedback.

Ethics and difficult decisions: Our Patient & Family Relations staff can also be a helpful resource when there are difficult choices to be made as a person prepares for their end-of-life transition. We respect each patient’s right to make an individual decision that is based on their personal beliefs and values and the medical information available. However, sometimes patients and families struggle with making the “right” decision, and additional support is needed.

The Agrace Ethics Committee is available to serve as a forum for discussion and problem-solving. You may ask your care team to contact a member of the Ethics Committee, or you can call (608) 276-4660 and ask to speak with the manager of Patient & Family Relations to learn more about how the Ethics Committee can help you.