Campus Map – Jannesville

When in-home care cannot meet the needs of our patients and families, short-terminpatient care at the Madison or Janesville Agrace HospiceCare campuses may be an option.

In Janesville, the Agrace Center for Hospice & Palliative Care combines state-of-the-art technology with a beautiful, homelike setting to provide care.


Contacting a patient:
To send a letter to a patient residing with us, please address the envelope as follows:
Agrace Center for Hospice & Palliative Care
Attn: Patient’s name
2901 N. Wright Rd.
Janesville, WI 53546

Parking & building access:
The visitor’s parking lot is located directly in front of our building. Additional parking can be found in the staff parking lot or on the street.

Visitors please use the main enterance located at the front of the building, under the canopy. If the door is locked, please ring the buzzer for assistance.

Campus & building policies:
Non-smoking campus
Our buildings and grounds are entirely non-smoking.

Visiting hours: Visitors are welcome 24 hours a day. Patients may restrict visitors or visiting hours by informing staff. Visitors are welcome to stay overnight in the patient’s room and may use the patient’s bathroom.

Visiting protocol: Visitors over the age of 18 are required to sign in and out at the main reception desk or team station each visit. Visitors with colds or infectious diseases should notify staff prior to entering a patient’s room. Shoes must be worn outside of patient rooms.

Children visitors: Children may visit anytime but must be supervised both inside and outside the building. Children under 18 may stay overnight if accompanied by an adult other than the patient or an Agrace staff member. If accommodations are needed, please ask at the team station.

Pet visitors: Brief pet visits are allowed but must be approved by the clinical care team and infection prevention specialist.  Please check with your care team for more information.

Business visitors: Individuals visiting an Agrace facility for a business purpose or to meet with an Agrace employee will be allowed only by appointment. Business visitors will be required to sign in and out at the reception desk and will wear a reusable visitor badge.While in the facility, business visitors must be escorted as appropriate and, if working near or with protected health information, must have appropriate authorization and/or supervision.